Space for Something / Davidson Rafailidis

Space for Something is about the stillness in a space without a business. At first, it may seem like a lack, as if the space is incomplete. But what we learned from this space is that it retains viability during a lapse.  Without an official use, the space just “is.” It is unsupervised and unguided by an overarching plan until a conventional routine takes over, opening hours are set, furniture arrives, and the security system gets hooked up and turned on. It’s rarely discussed, this time when architecture’s not on display, but it’s precisely during these lapses when the program-independent, long-lasting, and raw spatial character shines through. Spatial character for any use, a Space for Something. 

May 9, 2024 - 17:50
Space for Something / Davidson Rafailidis
© Naho Kubota © Naho Kubota

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