Voice Your Choice: 12th Annual A+Awards Finalists Await Your Vote

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May 2, 2024 - 12:05
Voice Your Choice: 12th Annual A+Awards Finalists Await Your Vote

It’s finally that time of year… Architizer is elated to share the highly anticipated finalists of the 12th Annual A+Awards. Hand-picked by a prestigious A+Awards Jury, comprising over 250 design aficionados, an incredible 628 architectural projects and firms made the cut across 126 categories, with five finalists nominated in each.

Now, it’s your turn to participate in shaping the outcome. Every vote propels us closer to an authentic portrayal of contemporary architectural brilliance. Unlike the exclusive deliberations of the Pritzker Prize jury, the A+Awards entrusts judgment to a public deeply immersed in the architectural realm. Hit the button below to begin voting, or navigate to a specific category below:


Finalists in Best Large Firm (from top): Foster + Partners; Montalba Architects; MGA | Michael Green Architecture; Valerio Dewalt Train; KieranTimberlake

Finalists in Private House (L 4000 – 6000 sq ft) (from left): Royal II by William / Kaven Architecture; Seen House by Studio Miti; Totteridge House by Gregory Phillips Architect; Barcelona House by Ström Architects; Madrone Ridge by Field Architecture 

Finalists in Cultural & Expo Centers (from top): Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects; Prepared Rehmannia Root Crafts Exhibition Hall by LUO studio; Site Archéologique Cartier-Roberval / PROLOGUE by CIRCUM.ARCHITECTURE; Danjing Pavilion of Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park by Chengdu Architectural Design and Research Institute; Skamlingsbanken Visitor Centre by CEBRA

Public Voting is now open through May 10th, and your favorite architects need your vote! Winners of the public vote in each category will secure the highly coveted Popular Choice A+Award, securing their title among the world’s best architecture in 2024.

The A+Awards finalists paint a compelling vision for a hopeful future rooted in this year’s theme of rethinking what architecture can be. Creative courage is common across all of this year’s finalists; together, this cohort demonstrates architects’ incredible ability to respond to society’s changing needs, our growing climate crisis, and technology’s rapid evolution. Regenerating, reusing, rethinking, reinventing and reimagining architecture, this year’s finalists set positive precedents for the next generation of architects.


Finalists in Architecture +Adaptive Reuse (from left): Victory Wellness Center by Patterns; Lakeside Teahouse by Domain Architects; Kingway Brewery Renovation by URBANUS; The Pyramid of Tirana by MVRDV; Stray Bird Art Hotel Songyang Chenjiapu by line+ studio  

Finalists in Sustainable Cultural Building (from top): Arverne East RISE Community Hub and Nature Preserve House by WXY architecture + urban design; Low-carbon practice of school library Phase II by Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology/Wall architecture Studio; The Panda Pavilions by Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch; Interpretation Centre of Biodiversity and Pile Dwellings in the Ljubljana Marsh by Atelje Ostan Pavlin; David Rockefeller Creative Arts Center by FXCollaborative

Finalists in Libraries (from left): East Flatbush Library by LEVENBETTS; Shenzhen Reef Library by Wildurban Architects; Tainan Public Library by Mecanoo; Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, Tianfu Library of Humanity and Art by China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute; Asante Public Library by Richärd | Kennedy Architects

While the Jury Winners may already be decided, the second half of the 12th Annual A+Awards winners cohort has yet to be decided: the Popular Choice winners, of course, are selected by YOU. You don’t need a prestigious title to appreciate exceptional design and its creators — by using buildings daily, the broad public brings many unique perspectives and considerations often overlooked by the experts.

Your vote has a direct impact on which architectural ideas and designers will celebrated in the coming year, setting a new bar for the industry. Exercise your voting power effortlessly with our intuitive online ballot and explore each category to see this year’s finalists and have your say in who will be crowned a winner.


Finalists in Sustainable Transportation (from top): Bloomington GO Station by Arcadis; Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru — Terminal 2 by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; Jiaxing Train Station by MAD Architects; Guildwood GO Station by Elias+ Landscape Architecture + Interiors + Design; Boston Logan Airport Terminal E by AECOM

Finalists in Best Sole Practitioner (from left): A Little Design; Draper Studio; gne Architecture; Centerfield Studio; StudioBo

Finalists in Multi-Unit Housing – Mid-Rise (5-15 floors) (from top): FRAGMENT Karlin by Trigema; Domes of Eternity by 314 Architecture Studio; SKEW HOUSE by Danilo Dangubic Architects; Lumin by Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners; HOSO by OODA

In this democratic process, each vote holds weight. We ask you to approach the projects with fresh perspectives and discernment, disregarding names and locales. Consider: Does this project elevate our world? Does it ignite inspiration? Is it genuinely groundbreaking? If so, champion it and applaud the most extraordinary endeavors crafted by visionary architects worldwide.

Now is the time to elevate architecture’s trailblazers. A+Awards winners are paragons of design excellence, representing leaders who chart the course for the profession’s future. Our democratic voting process is designed to forge a new path toward a more sustainable and equitable built environment. Join us in reclaiming architecture’s narrative. Cast your vote and celebrate the awe-inspiring projects, alongside the dedicated individuals who brought them to life.


The post Voice Your Choice: 12th Annual A+Awards Finalists Await Your Vote appeared first on Journal.

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